Hashing It Out #94- Marco Rodrigues Web 3.0


Marco from The Slack (You Should Join)talks with John and Corey about the fundamental underline infrastructures of the internet and how Web 3.0 should look like in the future now.

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Episode 76 · 3 months ago

Hashing It Out #77-Tendermint & Cosmos w/ Brent, Chjango , and Sunny

Sunny, Brent, and Chjango of Tendermint breakdown the components of the Cosmos Network from the IBC, Cosmos SDK, and the Cosmos Hub. Sunny covers what the future of Cosmos will be within the coming year. Chjango talks about Cosmos test network named Game of Zones which launches May 1 2020.


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Episode 75 · 3 months ago

Hashing It Out #75-Truman Esmond- VP of AAIS

On today's episode, Corey and Collin talk with Truman Esmond, VP of Solutions and Partnerships at the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS). Why are we talking to insurance folks, you ask? Because they've partnered with IBM to launch the openIDL platform to help aggregate company data while maintaining privacy and compliance. We ask how it works, why they used Hyperledger, and many more details, enjoy!



AD Music: Chad Crouch- Algorithms

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Episode 73 · 3 months ago

Hashing It Out #74 - SKALE Labs- Stan Kladko

SKALE Labs is seeking to change the world through decentralized cloud solutions. Using EVM-powered blockchains as their primary compute and storage mechanism, they seek to capture the market long-dominated by AWS, Azure, and other centralized solutions. We have Stan Kladko, CTO of SKALE on to discuss how this is supposed to work and explain their vision of a blockchain-driven future.


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Episode 72 · 3 months ago

Hashing It Out #72-Althea-Jehan Tremback

Althea is a system that lets routers pay each other for bandwidth. This allows people to set up decentralized ISPs in their communities. In an Althea network, instead of one ISP at the top collecting monthly payments, many different people can earn money by expanding and strengthening the network.


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