Hashing It Out
Hashing It Out

Episode 43 · 2 years ago

Hashing It Out #43 - Kadena - Stuart Popejoy and Emily Pillmore


We are excited to have the Kadena team back on with an update. The erudite Stuart Popejoy and brilliant Emily Pillmore speak more on Pact, the smart contract language with built-in formal verification used in the Kadena Chainweb. We learn more about formal verification: what it means, how it works, and a bit of its limitations. They also give us an update on Chainweb itself and talk us through some of the challenges since we last spoke... AND their innovated solutions to those challenges!



We'd like to thank our sponsor for this episode Trail of Bits for supporting us. Now go sign up for automatic github-integrated smart contract security at www.crytic.io !

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