Hashing It Out #93 - Sigma Prime Mehdi Zerouali


Corey and John speak with Mahdi Zerouali of Sigma Prime on how ETH 2 is going to look like for users of Ethereum.

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Episode 55 · 1 year ago

Hashing It Out #55: ConsenSys Diligence - Steve Marx

Today's episode brings on Steve Marx from ConsenSys Diligence. Steve only talks with Corey this episode as Collin has to move across the states. Together, they chat about the what the "Diligence" section of ConsenSys is, how it got started, and where it's going. From there, Corey and Steve discuss the very concept of security and how it pertains to Ethereum. Don't miss this episode, as you'll walk surely walk away with a new, useful view of how to stay safe in the blockchain world!



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Episode 54 · 1 year ago

Hashing It Out #54 - Ethereum Geth 1.9.0 - Péter Szilágyi & Martin Swende


Episode 53 · 1 year ago

Hashing It Out #53 - Trail of Bits - Dan Guido

Dan Guido, CEO of Trail of Bits, comes on the air with us to talk about how tooling is evolving in smart contract security, the landscape of security auditing today, and we have the opportunity to congratulate him on being named a leader in Forrester Research's Midsize Cybersecurity Consulting Services, Q2 2019 report. We go over advancements in fuzzing, static analysis, formal verification, and some interesting and unexpected problems found in smart contracts.



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Episode 52 · 1 year ago

Hashing It Out #52 - Blockstack - Aaron Blankstein

Blockstack is releasing their decentralized computing platform next year, and we have Aaron Blankstein on to talk about their whitepaper and what it means for decentralized applications in the future. Using their identity management system, Blockstack ID, their file storage system, Gaia, and their formally verifiable and non-Turing Complete smart contract language, Clarity, Blockstack will make it easier to build dapps on the Bitcoin network.



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